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A well-(de)served soup

At ESL, we like to share. We share a passion for languages, travelling and discovering foreign cultures as well as a taste for parties with friends – having a good time together is a deep-rooted tradition in the company.

Sharing good moments while thinking about underprivileged people is also part of the ESL philosophy. All of our team members know how lucky they are to be able to work in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere but they also know that many people around the world are not as lucky.


Bearing this in mind, Line, a member of our staff who is deeply involved in solidarity actions, decided to organise a charity soup in 2012, a few days before Christmas. Yvan and Olivier proposed supporting the Swiss association Omoana in Uganda, which offers help to underprivileged children in this poverty-stricken African country where under-18-year-olds account for 56% of the population. Omoana intervenes to support destitute, vulnerable children in the Jinja and Gulu areas, including teenagers, orphans and children in extremely precarious situations. In the medium term, this help will allow these children to integrate into the community and contribute to the development of the country.


ESL’s staff members responded to Line’s call with enthusiasm and generosity. Paying a CHF 5.- contribution per person, they all shared the soup prepared by the company’s logistics department and raised the considerable sum of CHF 400.- . The amount was tripled by ESL, which means CHF 1,200.-  could be transferred to the account of the Omoana Association.


Following this beautiful token of solidarity, ESL is going the whole hog in 2013 since it will support projects started by UNICEF.

Adrien Genoud, coordinator of the Omoana foundation, says:

“On behalf of the children that the Omoana association supports in Uganda, we thank ESL for organising this brunch in their favour during the end-of year celebrations. This kind of action allows us to promote their rights through education projects, agriculture training programmes, microcredits and foster care, among others. On a daily basis, we endeavour to find ways to convert such projects into real action in order to tackle the local issues in Uganda, ensure dignity for the children and favour financial stability in their homes. We thank you with all our hearts for giving us your trust and wish you a beautiful year 2013.

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