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A poem



Poem written by

Baba Alhadji Touré 5th year (10 years), Bahadou School, Timbuktu, Mali

Where are you ?

For months and months, we have been searching for you

From the heights of the sand dunes

We look at the horizon

Scaning the sky, sometimes the earth,

Looking at the North, sometimes the South,

Searching in the West, sometimes in the East

We believe you’ve been taken hostage or swallowed up by the sea

Swallowed by the dunes of the Desert

The container of hope or of solidarity

You have crossed your prosperous Europe and your generous Switzerland

You found yourself on the ocean

From Dakar, you crossed through forests covered in wild animals

Savannahs filled with wild grass

Finally you are here in


The mythical city

The mystical city

Where every corner, every street, every square,

Each grain of sand is a story

ESL you have entered into the history of Timbuktu

Because the children will recount of you to their youngest and to generations

ESL our school

From now on, you are Hope, you are happiness, you are a nourishing sap

As your name will quieten the school children who cry

333 Saints bless you and acclaim you

Container of hope the children applaud you

From now on ESL, we will tell you the history of the city as

It has been told to us

ESL, we say Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU

Development is always sustainable./.

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