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A message from Timbuktu

Dear Friends,
Words fail me to express our deep recognition and gratitude towards all of the ESL company for this noble and worthy gesture and which touches all of the population of TImbuktu.
The children of Timbuktu have understood the real meaning of solidarity and above all, have understood that somewhere Men and Women rally for them in order to contribute to their school success. Through the tables and chairs, some children no longer have to sit on the ground and they keep their clothes clean.
Be our spokespeople to all of the donors in order to thank them warmly and tell them that their actions touch us deeply as they give concrete expression to our lessons on solidarity amongst nations. I will send you the poem of a child about the container which he went to look for above the sand dunes.
Thanks and see you soon.
Harande Tour,
Principal of the Bahadou school

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