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Bring out the vuvuzelas!


Wimbledon and its manicured tennis courts are forgotten ! The football matches in South Africa are relegated to the background ! The first sunburns are brought to a standstill !


And, as always, the enlightened commentary of our partner/reporter/transit/information officer and photographer Daniel Robert on this subject :

Dear Madam,

Our container arrived this morning, 28th June 2010, at 9 a.m. in Timbuktu !

Harandé has tidied everything into a locked storeroom whilst waiting for « La Fête du Conteneur » which will bring together the political, school, religious and military authorities of the city, as well as – I hope – the delegation of toubabs from ESL and from the commune of La Tour de Peilz which have invested in the School Library.

With very best wishes,


A small damper all the same in the message from Harandé Touré, the director of the school :

Dear Friends,

I confirm the arrival of the container in TIMBUKTU this morning, Monday, at 9 a.m. I declare that it has been opened and that some chairs (2) are missing from the torn cardboard boxes. I confirm the number of cardboard boxes (63), 2 computers, 1 flat-screen computer, but without central unit (memory). There are however 2 central units for the other 2 computers.

Harande Toure



But all’s well that ends well! Thank you for having followed the journey of our giant gift and see you soon for news concerning the official welcoming party !

Thanks to Clément, Daniel Robert, Harandé Touré – and Kate for the English translations.

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