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Telemedicine, better than reality TV

Since Daniel Robert has been on-site, in Mali, he sends us interesting, even surprising, information regularly.

Here is an unsuspected practice, telemedicine, practised by the HUG (University of Geneva Hospitals) of Geneva with a village in Mali. Amazing.

Is a village in Mali which practises telemedicine with the HUG of Geneva. Bamako, Mopti and Timbuktu also exchange with the HUG. And in both directions.


The Geneva hospital, with a patient returning home from a tropical area can, via Intenet, submit the case to Malian doctors. This means is also used for the training of doctors in Bamako. Here, on the TV, a sick person in Rwanda who underwent a lung X-ray was show, and the X-ray was immediately sent to Europe and analysed. Internet is a great hope. Here and there…



A few years ago, we had followed the first steps of telemedicine at the 1st World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva. We were accredited by Mali…


Daniel Robert has announced his upcoming visit to another village, Ende, in the Dogon Country, to us, where intelligent Swiss excavations make sure that no art objects disappear to other countries. Essentially, they are terra cotta objects and recently, they found a curled up snake estimated at 100,000 euros.

We eagerly await his account of this journey to the interior of Mali.

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