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Our container is on the road!

The big day arrived on March 23rd. We attended the departure of “our” container full to the brim with school materials, books, copybooks, pens, notebooks, computer hardware and various equipments.

Thanks to a highly motivated team, we were able to complete the “container project”. Rather proudly, we observed it set off on its two-month journey across the sea and European and African soil. We will try to follow its progress as the trucks and the ship continue their way to Mali.

But, for the time being, we feel relieved at having completed our task. Clément has worked hard and has used his know-how in order for this project to be achieved. We owe him the research of the carrier, the negotiations with the transit company and the coordination of our efforts. Thanks Clément!

Mr Daniel Robert, who began this project of support for the school Bahadou in Timbuktu, also came to Montreux on Tuesday. As an expert, he supervised the loading of the various elements that he will find on his arrival in Timbuktu. As Daniel Robert will be there when our load will arrive at the school, we are counting on him to send us beautiful photos! Thanks to Daniel Robert for his support and his wise advice!

We truly thank the volunteers who have taken part in the loading of the container.

We look forward to the arrival of our donations in Timbuktu.


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