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Mali and climate change

Whilst in our country, we are growing tired of winter, let’s focus for a few minutes on the climate in Mali.

According to the surveys completed over the past 40 years, the deserts in Mali have grown extensively due to climate change, and the number of floods has multiplied, as well as the migratory flows proceeding from rural areas towards urban centres.

The geographical position of Mali makes it extremely vulnerable to climate change.

The sustainable management of farmlands is a major concern for Malians, because nowadays, over 73% of the population live in rural areas and in conditions of extreme poverty. The forecasts for the coming years are uncertain and predict an increase of 1,2 to 3,6% of the average temperature by 2060, with annual rainfall decreasing.

Farming would then be threatened and the population would, to a large extent, suffer from the situation to the point of being annihilated. Thanks to the United Nations Development Programme, Mali has undertaken various political actions and has integrated various programmes for sustainable development and food safety.


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