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Two pupils of the Timbuktu School

Now that our fundraising has finished and our packages are ready to be sent to the Bahadou school in Timbuktu, we want to share the life of two students with you.

With almost a thousand pupils, there is a majority of girls to which belongs Fatoumata Sow. She is 9 years old and is currently in CE classes. She belongs to a family of seven children including 5 boys. Her hobbies consist of helping her mother with the housework and the cooking.

She told us that in order to escape this adult life, she plays with her friends while dreaming of travelling and being a doctor. Her desire to dicover the world reflects in her thoughts on school life : having computers and internet would offer her an access to the world and the possibility to exchange messages with friends from everywhere.

Fatoumata Sow

Ali Bagna Traoré,  a 10 year-old boy, is currently following CM1 classes. With an eagerness to learn and a strong wish to communicate, Ali would like to have more school supplies and space for studying. These are key elements which would motivate his friends to go to school.

During public holidays, Ali does his homework, helps his father in the garden and cleans the house.

Besides from these mature concerns, Ali, like all the boys in the world, devotes his time to football.

Ali Bagna Traoré

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