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Our valuable link in this relief project for the benefit of the Bahadou School in Timbuktu is Daniel ROBERT.

His personal career is strongly associated with Africa. As a teacher and director of the primary and secondary school in Mont-sur-Lausanne (Vaud, Switzerland), from 1983 to 2001, he perpetuates the tradition already practised in this establishment and continues the school’s tangible works for the benefit of institutions in Senegal and in Burkina Faso. In 1991, he becomes a member of the CPA Association (Swiss pedagogical cooperation with Africa) and organises as co-director several seminars for schoolteacher trainees in different towns in Mali.

With the help of the Commune de La Tour-de-Peilz (Vaud, Switzerland) and in association with the Mali’s Ministry of Education, he opens a school library in Timbuktu. There, Daniel Robert becomes acquainted with Harandé Touré, a teacher and very wholehearted, enthusiastic collaborator. Later, Harandé Touré gets the director of the Bahadou School in Timbuktu and a trustful link for Daniel Robert.

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Daniel Robert describes the urgent needs of the school we support and the schools in general in Mali:

– encouragement of school enrolment, especially for the girls

– improvement of the educational process quality by

– reducing the number of students per class

– training new school teachers

– establishing further training programs for school teacher

– providing school materials for every student

Our project focuses on the last point. Very soon, we shall send to Timbuktu our container filled with tables and chairs for the students and add a special package of basic school materials containing a writing pad, 2 pens, 2 pencils, 1 rubber and 1 ruler for each of them.  We truly hope that our contribution helps to concretely improve the every day life of this school and its students.

Continue to read this blog that keeps you posted about the itinerary of our container foreseen to leave Montreux during the month of January 2010.

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