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At the time when we are preparing the sending of the container to Mali which must bring our logistics aid to the Bahadou school in Timbuktu, we have looked into the security situation in this African country.

Effectively, it is a matter of knowing if our cargo of school desks and chairs as well as the material bought for the students will arrive without problem to its destination, or if it is necessary to expect obstacles or surprises which would risk compromising our action.

Many rumours circulate about the region of Timbuktu and the passage from the North of Mali to Algeria. Effectively, it would appear that this region is to be avoided. Several testimonials of people who travelled to Timbuktu at the end of 2009, on the other hand, are unanimous. Around and in this city, calm reigns. There are many tourists of all nationalities who are carrying out a stay there at the moment which is rich in positive impressions in this welcoming country.

In addition, Clément, in charge of this operation at ESL Montreux, has assured the services of a reliable transporter, known for operating on an international level and having all the necessary know-how to guarantee the transport of our container in the best conditions. We therefore have an effective partner for this part of the operation which we do not control ourselves.

Daniel Robert will provide us with a stock of dictionaries obtained for free. A lucky opportunity thanks to which we can complete our donation with really useful books! This will, however, delay the departure of the container by 3 to 4 weeks, but we are persuaded that this unexpected contribution of material is worth delaying the starting up of the action.

The container should therefore be leaving towards the end of February. Stay connected on this blog to find out the next instalment of the ESL/MALI operation!


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